Tabs & Sliders (module)

Tabs & Sliders" is the 'module' adaptation of the highly popular "Tabs & Sliders (for articles)" plugin created by JoomlaWorks. Using this module, you can display other modules in tabs and/or sliders, saving important "real estate" on your template. The tabs emulate a multi-pane structure, while the sliders emulate an accordion-like structure, inside a single block!

This module is ideal for portal websites, where much content needs to be gathered in as less blocks as possible. We even suggest you combine it with other great extensions from JoomlaWorks like the popular K2 or the much smaller (but very flexible) Ultimate Content Display (aka UCD), a "super content retrieval" module that displays Joomla articles in 3 different ways (unordered list, ajax cross-fader or jQuery-based cross-fader/slider).

"Tabs & Sliders" has been developed with ease of use and styling flexibility in mind! It's the kind of module you "set and forget", cause it simply works!

Download the module from our homepage. Install it like any module. Navigate to the Module Manager in the Joomla backend, edit the module's parameters, select on the right the module position for which you want all its modules to be shown in tabs or sliders and then publish the "Tabs & Sliders" module.


Version 2 is a completely re-written module, now fully compatible with MVC templating. There are 2 distinct layouts: one for "tabs" and one for "sliders".

If you want to show your support please rate and/or comment on the module at the official Joomla Extensions Directory. Your feedback is very important!

Enjoy one more fine release from the folks at JoomlaWorks!

After you install the latest version of the module, do the following to setup your first set of tabs/sliders of existing modules.

1. If you haven't already, create a new module position in your template or use an existing one. This module position will not be directly displayed on your template. Instead it will be used as a reference by the Tabs & Sliders module to retrieve the set of modules you want displayed as tabs or sliders. Learn how to add a new module position in Joomla here:

2. Assign the modules you want to display inside tabs or sliders in reference module position we mentioned. You should already have these modules set, if not, do so now.

3. Now edit the Tabs & Sliders module parameters and make sure you select the reference module position you previously set. The Tabs & Sliders module will simply retrieve that module position and display all the modules in there in tabs or sliders. But you still need to place the Tabs & Sliders module somewhere right?

4. So now publish the Tabs & Sliders module in the ACTUAL module position in your template where you want to display modules in tabs or sliders.
See the module in action in our demo site, located in the right column (last 2 blocks):

Available Releases

Released January 27th, 2012