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05 Jan 2015 16:47
Category: RadioWave

blurry pic's 2 months 18 hours ago

In the item you can choose to use the XL image size.
You should upload larger images however.
This option is located in the category's settings.

The add images button is an editor which we do not change neither we control. It is located under the editor by default.
Make sure that all the Editor-xtd type plugins are enabled in your Extensions-> plugin manager list.

The preview pic is generated automatically and is the item's image. Make sure that this image is at least 200 pixels in all...
29 Dec 2014 14:40
Category: RadioWave

blurry pic's 2 months 4 days ago

Hello Liron,

Your images should be at least 900pixels in width. A good quality setting would be 70 - 75.

Furthermore make sure the blurry image is not a result of using the wrong image size in your module's/ category's settings.
27 Dec 2014 20:18
Liron Noy
Category: RadioWave

blurry pic's 2 months 6 days ago

Hey again,
im struggling with all the image parameters,
can u please advise what resolution should i use for my images, and what to set in the global settings of the 2k and the category one.
I dont want my pic' to big so it wont slow the site but still need it (obviously) to look good.

thanks in advance.
24 Dec 2014 12:38
PHP's GD library is used in K2 (as well as the majority of CMS's). This library might increase the image size if you are using 100% quality. Try using a value of 75 - 80.

Was this image generated with 100% quality or did you change the quality afterwards?
24 Dec 2014 08:10
I can not understand ...
I made the changes to the code as indicated:
  $ handle-> jpeg_quality = $ params-> get ('imagesQuality');
The original image has - 128 kb
I've set the parameters k2 - image size - to 75 (%)
The category is configured to display the images L
However K2 is putting the image in media / items / scr 248 kb (almost twice the size).
And the item, the image that appears is resized 1600 (XL) for the size I specified 1200 (L) - specified in the category and item category as...
30 Sep 2014 09:09
Timothy Johnston

K2 Responsive in category view 5 months 4 days ago


I have K2 and Purity installed, and all works well.

I would like help on two things:
  1. Resize the header images when the screen is resized. I can change the code to refer to % instead of px and then the images resize, but they become blurry.
  2. On resize of the screen, place the two columns of the category into 1 column.

Any help / direction on these would be great.
30 Sep 2014 09:05
Timothy Johnston
Hey Rob.

I tried this, and it works perfectly from a resizing perspective, but the resolution of the images was lost, and they became blurry.

Did you also experience this? What do you reckon I could change to avoid it?
08 Sep 2014 15:15
Category: Toreda

Size of the images in Slideshow 5 months 3 weeks ago

2000 is quite large.
It might slow your site down if you use many. Keep in mind that the largest screens (apart from 4K and 27inch iMacs) are only 1920px in width.

If the image is still blurry, double check the module's options and make sure that the XL image is indeed being used.
04 Jun 2014 13:58
There is nothing more to add. As i already told you the module you are using there is displaying the "Small" image of the K2 items. Ask the developers of this module how you can use the "Extra Large" image size ( which by the way is now sized to 960px after you made the changes ) .
04 Jun 2014 01:09
Well - I guess I spoke to soon. The images are actually still blurry. :(

I'm also wondering if there is a way to link individual slides in the slideshow to another page in Joomla.

Thanks for your help.
03 Jun 2014 13:04
You are welcome.
02 Jun 2014 19:44
I found the parameters!! Changed them, re-uploaded images and all looks great now!! Thank you TONS!!
02 Jun 2014 19:34
Thank you so much for the information. This is where I am confused. The images I have uploaded to the site are 960 wide at 150dpi. So, I'm not sure how or why they are being re-sized or how to change the parameters in K2....
02 Jun 2014 12:18
02 Jun 2014 12:08

You are using small images in an area you need an image of 960px width. The image you are using is . The bigger image size you have currently is 900px . In order to solve your issue, you have to :

1. Change the image sizes in K2 parameters. One of the image sizes should be set to 960px.

2. Re-upload the images for the items you...
30 May 2014 19:01
Hi -
I am using the Sportson slider and I'm referring to the images on the home page that are in the slide show. I've put them in using the Components/K2 / Items option and then add those images to the slide show through the Extensions / Module Manager / SP Smart Slider

I've also re-uploaded my images to the Items section.

Thanks for your help
30 May 2014 18:14
Arnold Adiba
Hi Gwin ... Do you explain bad Blurry image into Nivo Slider or a K2 categorie's page ?
I just go on your website to anderstand what you mean, and I could not find any pic (out a Nivo's slide) with a blurry effect.

sample :
this is the standard pic traited by K2 stuff and for sure, I think this resolution is better than the one on the home page into the Nivo Slide ... Let me know if I'm right ;)
30 May 2014 16:48
I've even tried .jpgs vs. .pngs and all the images are 150 dpi. So frustrated and so is my client. :(
30 May 2014 16:35
Thanks for the info. I created the images in PSD at 960 wide.

My PHP code is....and they still look crappy.

$handle = new Upload($image);
if ($handle->uploaded)
$handle->jpeg_quality = $params->get('imagesQuality');
$handle->file_auto_rename = false;
$handle->jpeg_quality = $params->get('imagesQuality', '100');
$handle->file_overwrite = true;
$handle->file_new_name_body = $row->id;
$handle->image_resize = true;
$handle->image_ratio_y = true;
$handle->image_x =...
30 May 2014 13:01

Hi. First of all the images there are resized using CSS to 960px while their actual width is 900px. So the first thing you need to do is change the width to 960px and re-upload the images. You can also take a look at the K2 parameters and search for the images quality setting. Set this to 100. Finally note that PHP is not Photoshop. PHP cannot resize images in the same quality that Photoshop does.
30 May 2014 02:53
I've read through this entire feed and updated my .php file but my images still look blurry - even though I exported them at 150dpi and no compression. Is there any new news on this?

My site is - the images are in the slider.
26 May 2014 07:26
Alton Forthe

Image Help? 9 months 1 week ago

I am a first user of K2 I seem to be a little lost on images. I am adding one image to each of my items and uploading images the size of 1024px wide. when the item is checked in the front it is showing a 770x514 but the actual image is 250x167. Of course the image is blurry.

My Parameter setting are added below in an image can someone be so kind and take a look? Is there another place I am missing?


Attachment Unknown.jpg not found

14 Apr 2014 18:55
Grethe Lambrecht

url link from images in slider 10 months 2 weeks ago

I've made a slide-show with the TCVN Nivo Slider for K2 - and 2 Things puzzles me:
1 - I cannot make a link per image to an ext url (when I try, I just end on one of my other pages)
2 - my images look clear and fine "at home" and the size is excately as it should be - but they seem blurry
Anyone have a clue??
it's on
thanks a lot
BR Grethe
12 Mar 2014 13:15
It's fine. I am just saying so because the can obviously help more.
12 Mar 2014 07:38
Lefteris Kavadas wrote:
Hi. JA News Featured Module is not part of K2. You are advised to ask for help the developers of this module.

Oh, I thought it is little related to K2 so I asked here. Sorry so much!!
11 Mar 2014 12:56
Hi. JA News Featured Module is not part of K2. You are advised to ask for help the developers of this module.
11 Mar 2014 06:00
hello, anyone can help me?
10 Mar 2014 09:10
Special thank you so much if anyone has a perfect solution for this problem!!!
09 Mar 2014 15:04
It is not solved is still happend after another article. these are screenshots. I attached 2 images to help you more understand. Any solutions? :(

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