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Using Fontello fonts in Contact section at Footer

3 years 5 months ago - 3 years 5 months ago #154302 by Panos
Panos created the topic: Using Fontello fonts in Contact section at Footer
Hey guys,

We recently purchased the template for a project we're running. One issue we have is that on the contact module at the footer we want to have more icons besides the address, phone and mobile. Something like the grey box on the left at the Contact page .

The layout we want is:

Place Icon -> Address
Phone Icon -> Telephone
Mobile Icon -> Mobile
Email Icon -> Email Address

I tried using the generator since you use fontello fonts for the icons but phone and mobile icons are not working.

Below is the code. It only shows the place icon before the address:
<div class="contactInfoDetails">
<div class="contactInfoAddress">
<i class="iconFont"></i>
<p>Address Here<br>
State, Country<br>
<i class="iconFont"></i>telephone number here<br>
<i class="iconFont"></i>mobile number here</p>

Any help please?
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