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K2 and Joomla 4

6 days 3 hours ago #179716 by Michael
Replied by Michael on topic K2 and Joomla 4
I cannot give it a break because I need to know how to proceed with my joomla projects. And all I want is some information from the developers. In case they say it's not coming anytime soon or at all I will have to handle really big websites without K2 and that will cost me a lot of time. So 2 years of Joomla 3 support can get really short...

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2 hours 50 minutes ago #179721 by Johan Badenhorst
Replied by Johan Badenhorst on topic K2 and Joomla 4
Thank you for this information. When was the release date, if it was delayed for a month? I am more than willing to take a break if a know the release will be early in January 2022!

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