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K2 and Joomla 4

2 weeks 3 days ago #180035 by exigo
Replied by exigo on topic K2 and Joomla 4
Quite a few people have already indicated here - myself too - that they would pay for the K2 component, which means that there is business opportunity in it.
Then I throw in the idea that a suitable software to migrate data from K2 to Joomla would interest me! One that works properly, user frendly and is a one that can be installed, etc.
Who can make do it?

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2 weeks 3 days ago #180036 by Concerto Designs Inc.
Replied by Concerto Designs Inc. on topic K2 and Joomla 4
Joomlart already offers a component that migrates K2 items into Joomla articles. Their extensions are usually good quality, but I have not tried it, so I do not know how it handles K2 custom fields.
The real issue is that you would have to replicate any customized K2 subtemplates (I find templating in Joomla articles more awkward). There would be some significant css work since article selectors are completely different.

Bottom line: I am hoping and praying that Fotis and the team will be able to find the time to make K2 J4-compatible. I would be happy to see K2 adopt a paid subscription model if that helps future-proof it.

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2 weeks 2 days ago #180039 by Fotis
Replied by Fotis on topic K2 and Joomla 4
There is no need for prayers (or thoughts). K2 will be ported to J4. End of story.

The way I see it, once our current running projects are completed by June, there will be more time to work on the update for J4.

Keep in mind that all this custom work we do will also be reflected to a new set of template overrides using purely CSS Grid properties, which are miles ahead from anything you've seen so far, not just in Joomla-land.

K2 overrides will not only be simpler, they will also be mobile-friendly without any input from the template author. This means some things are also changing in the K2 backend with the addition of an aspect ratio selector for images too and the removal of some options that are no longer needed.

Again, all the important bits of the custom projects that we do, go back into K2 for everyone to use.

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5 days 19 hours ago #180055 by sales slot

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