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  • Oceanwatcher
  • Oceanwatcher's Avatar
27 May 2011 07:18

K2 template overrides not loading with JoomFish

Category: English K2 Community

I am changing this from a cry for help to something that can help others in the same situation. The problem is described here, and at the end I am describing the solution I finally found:
I am working on a new site and some odd things are happening. I have updated everything I can think of to the latest available versions, but I am still unable to find the solution to the problem.


Joomla 1.5.23K2 2.41JoomFish 2.1.7

Template: RocketTheme Panacea, modified


It is best illustrated by checking the site:


Something is definitely not right here - click on the Brazilian flag and suddenly the sub template gets loaded.

loads a subtemplate together with it's own css.






does not load this subtemplate even if they clearly should do so it is the same category, just with translated content.This strikes me as very odd and I do not understand why it happens.
Here is what solved it in the end:First I found this post: course, I had to go hear to check it: I changed the menu.xml that was mentioned in there, even if it is a two-year old fix.


This did not fix my problem. I read that it seems Joomfish is messing up the links for the menu, and as one of the links was not completely translated, I opened it to check. At the very bottom, I found the complete menu link, and noticed that the original and translated one were different. So I simply clicked the copy button to copy over the original, saved and reloaded the page. Voila - problem solved.You would have to do this for every menu item for it to work correct. I'll get back with more information later if anything changes.
  • Jamjar Media
  • Jamjar Media's Avatar
09 Jul 2010 20:20
Replied by Jamjar Media on topic K2 + SH404sef + Joomfish = missing itemid???

K2 + SH404sef + Joomfish = missing itemid???

Category: English K2 Community

ok this seems to be the content handler for K2 menu items
Can the devs please check this out as I have seen this issue prior to 2.1
there was a manual fix that didn't get included in 2.2 and know there is a new version of the menu.xml in v2.3
But it seems to not be a complete solution.
please see this thread...

The issue is still present even with the new menu.xml in v2.3.
  • Roland Wampers
  • Roland Wampers's Avatar
02 Mar 2010 15:03
Replied by Roland Wampers on topic Serious Language Setting Bug

Serious Language Setting Bug

Category: English K2 Community

SOLUTION PROVIDED - The solution you are pointing to is here

Chucknology said:

I found a solution for translation of menus that worked for me.....I went looking in the menu.xml file and tried some adaptations till it worked...see my xml file in attachment and change yours with this one (backup before trying anyway)
put the file in: administrator/components/com_joomfish/contentelements
afterwards go to the menu translation in each menu and click 'copy' next to it and you'll see it copies the complete url now....

I can confirm that this solved the issue
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