SuperBlogger is a new powerful plugin adding blogging functionality to Joomla! 1.5 articles. The plugin integrates popular services like (for comments), Twitter & Facebook, along with commonly used blogging tools like tagging, rating, bookmarking and social media sharing. Add to that MVC template overrides and the ability to process images server-side and you got a real Wordpress contender, if not better in some areas!

SuperBlogger's features can easily be set in the plugin's parameters, so you can choose which elements you want to make use of in your Joomla! website.


SuperBlogger extends standard Joomla! articles like no other plugin has ever done before!

Common features include:
- Integration with the popular comment system.
- Article rating system using ajax (built-in).
- Article tags (using the meta keywords field inside the Joomla! article form).
- Article tools like section/category links with associated RSS feed links, stats, date created, font resizer, 'bookmark this' button and social media sharing via Twitter/Facebook buttons (includes related meta tags required for better content sharing with Twitter/Facebook). Also includes an option to retrieve the latest tweets from your Twitter account and because the process is done server-side, tweets will display even when is down.
- Drop-cap feature and introtext emphasizing for cool magazine style typography. The styling can easily be altered on the article page template of the plugin.
- Author tools like author avatar (via and latest articles from author.
- Image resizing and resampling (server-side) for the first image in your articles. On listing pages (e.g. blogcategory) the image is wrapped with a link to the rest of the article and on article pages the image is wrapped with a link to lightbox popup for displaying the original image which was processed by the plugin. Your website will now have a consistent look, perform better (due to optimal image sizing) and your content editors will not have to worry anymore about resizing images in desktop applications!
- Predefined anchor links enhance navigating on an article page.
- Option to insert custom HTML at the footer of the article. Useful for adding copyright statements or other generic messages for your articles.
- MVC template overrrides architecture: The plugin uses 2 templates for listing and article pages, with 1 associated CSS file. Modifying these files inside your Joomla! template's /html folder gives you absolute control over the layout of your blog pages.
- You can select to render the plugin on specific (or all) categories and/or menus. So if your site has a "blog" category, you can instruct the plugin to render only there and not in the entire site. The selection is done easily is the plugin parameters.
- It can load any module position in 3 different places: after the article text, before and after the comments. These options are fully configurable in the plugin parameters. Using MVC template overrides or simply tweaking the plugin templates, you can move these positions elsewhere or even add more (e.g. some position with Google Ads, another with "related articles" etc.). For more, this is fully explained in the documentation page of the plugin.

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The feature trully setting apart SuperBlogger from any other Joomla! plugin is its MVC architecture, currently available in Joomla! for components and modules only. That means you can use HTML and CSS template overrides inside your Joomla! template and completely change the way the plugin elements display on your website! So you can either choose to use the versatile base styling of the plugin or simply override it (both the HTML and CSS code) by copying the plugin's /tmpl folder within your Joomla! template's /html folder. SuperBlogger uses 2 templates for listing and article pages, with just 1 associated CSS file. Of course you are able to override all files or selected files, as you would with any other MVC component or module, with the better exception that SuperBlogger overrides CSS files as well!


SuperBlogger improves performance of existing Joomla! websites by resizing and caching the first image it locates inside an article. The cached copies reside in Joomla!'s /cache folder and they can either auto-expire on a set time interval or they can be stale, until an image is updated or removed (even better for performance). Even if Joomla!'s cache is not enabled in your website, the plugin will still cache the content it processes (like images or your latest Tweets feed). Whether Joomla!'s cache is on or off, you can always go to the "cache manager" in the administration and select to manually delete cached copies, whenever you want to "hard-refresh" the resized images.

One more great feature of the image processing mechanism in SuperBlogger is its ability to grab remote images (located in some remote server) and store them locally for even better performance. So if your first article image is located in some other server, SuperBlogger will fetch it, resize it and store the resized copy locally onto your server for better performance.

Caching is also used for your Twitter "status" (the 'Latest Tweets from' feature) thus speeding up the article page significantly, as your viewers won't need to wait for Twitter to respond with your tweets on every page load of your site.


Standard Joomla! articles and Joomla! articles enhanced with SuperBlogger

Without Superblogger

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With Superblogger

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In our demo website you'll be able to see Joomla! articles with SuperBlogger enabled or disabled (for listings and articles), so you can see first hand what features the plugin adds to the Joomla! website. Navigate to the SuperBlogger pages from the menu on the left column of the demo site.

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