RadioWave is a fully featured template for online radio stations and music portals with built-in support for Radiojar, a popular web based service that lets you easily setup and manage your online radio station.


Everything is built on top of a simple 2-column modular grid with magazine style layouts and translucent areas that allow the template to adapt to any content and style.

You can customize the background image and the colour scheme or use one of our built-in variations. We have also built a popup player for your radio station complete with ad blocks, schedule and the list of DJs/producers. The entire template is fully responsive and takes full advantage of the powerful features of K2, the popular content management extension for Joomla

Your web radio - your way

RadioWave is built with online radio stations in mind, right from the start. It comes with lots of predefined content blocks and features suitable for (but not restricted to) online radio stations and music portals.


Mobile and tablet friendly design


Two different styles for your main navigation


Easily create your own color variations

RadioWave comes with 6 built-in color variations that you can use out of the box but you can also setup your own using the template parameters.


Built-in support for Radiojar

Built in support for Radiojar, a popular web service that lets you easily setup and manage your online radio station. You can instantly connect your Radiojar account with RadioWave to display real time information about the song currently playing, the radio producer, the schedule, the list of DJs and producers and more. Using another service to stream your web radio? Not a problem! Every part of the template using Radiojar-specific blocks has an alternative K2-based layout which you can use with your web radio service provider.


Powered by Radiojar

Professional grade internet radio broadcasting, without the hassle

Radiojar replaces the usually challenging and expensive setup of hardware, software and operations needed to run an internet radio station with one simple, easy-to-use & cost-effective online service. It takes care of all the technical complexities, leaving you free to indulge your passion for radio.


Try Radiojar for FREE!

Built for K2

RadioWave is built exclusively for K2 because of its advanced content presentation features & flexibility, but there is fallback styling for any other Joomla extension you wish to use.


Check out the demo site

Please note that this template is currently ONLY available for Joomla 3.x.

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Key Features

Hand-crafted for K2

K2 is a first-class citizen in all our Joomla templates. We don't just provide CSS styling for K2, we actually build customized K2 template override sets to match our designs.


All our Joomla templates are built to be all-responsive - so they are desktop, tablet & mobile friendly out of the box.

No Nonsense Frameworks

Our Joomla templates are simple to edit, using Joomla's built-in override editor. No need to re-invent the wheel.

Fast & Lightweight

Our templates follow a simplistic approach: we don't use dozens of CSS and JS files. Instead, we only use 1 CSS file as base (2 if you choose to use K2), 1 CSS file for any custom styling you wish to add (custom.css) and just 2 JS files (1 for common libraries & 1 for the applied behaviour). This makes all our Joomla templates lightning fast to load & render on the browser.

Smooth Updates

We provide template upgrade packages along with regular template packages and quick-start Joomla packages. When we need to update the core code of our templates, we leave the main template file (index.php) and custom.css (the files you are most likely to edit) untouched.

Quick-start packages for Joomla

Our templates are distributed standalone or as "Quickstart" packages. The "Quickstart" packages are essentially the demo site for each template. That way you can get started with one of our templates in no time, only adding the changes you wish so you can adapt our design to your needs.

Built for Joomla

Joomla is the most flexible and easy to customize CMS for both newbies and experienced users. We currently support the latest Joomla 3.x versions.

Adobe Photoshop Sources

All our Joomla templates come with full Adobe Photoshop (PSD) source files for you to edit as you wish.