Building e-commerce sites doesn't have to be hard or full of compromises. Toreda uses the power and flexibility of K2 combined with K2Store (and J2Store for Joomla articles) to bring you an extremely easy way to setup and manage your online store.


Every product is a K2 item, allowing you to build any type of product catalog as easy as building a regular site. If K2 is not an option for you, Toreda supports J2Store that works great with Joomla's built-in article manager.

Toreda combines minimal design with great attention to typography and ample white space. It fits any kind of product type and works great as a starting point for further tweaking and styling. We've also built-in 3 different product layout options for your product catalog: Grid, Grid with a side menu & Horizontal listing. Each category can have it's own optional image header and you're free to select any combination of the available layouts throughout your categories.

The header comes with two distinct layout options: The Classic configuration with the horizontal menu or the Compact style beautifully accommodate any type of product catalog regardless of it's size and depth thanks to it's overlapping panel mechanism. Toreda also contains two beautiful options for the presentation for your frontpage features: The immersive fullscreen slideshow or the modern pinterest-style listing for select featured items.

The entire template comes with all sorts of content blocks arranged as horizontal sections, which you can mix and match to create the layout that suits your needs. You can use them as 'Store locations', 'Parallax sections', 'Related Items', 'Latest News/Blog' and more. As always, we've made sure everything works and looks great on desktop, tablet and mobile devices.

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Beautiful outside, powerful inside, easy to use for everyone

Toreda is a truly powerful and easy to customize template for e-commerce. Powered by K2 and K2Store, it can accomodate any type of online store right out of the box. J2Store is also fully supported if you prefer Joomla's built-in article manager instead.p1

Desktop, tablet & mobile friendly design


Two different styles for your frontpage

We know how important the frontpage is for your e-shop. In Toreda we’ve built two distinct presentation styles for your frontpage so that you can pick the one that fits your needs, both capable of accomodating as much content as you like.


3 product listing layout options for your store

Choose between 3 different layout options for your product listing. Each category can have it's own layout style and header image so that you can use any combination that fits your needs.


Compact and expanded header option

Toreda lets you choose between the classic horizontal header that hosts your menus visible at all times and the much simpler and modern compact style that uses an extended version of the mobile menu to provide a cleaner content-centric look.


A mobile menu made for e-commerce

Menus for e-shops can become big and difficult to navigate especially for mobile users. In Toreda we use a menu style that breaks each level on it's own container and makes it extremely easy to navigate as many levels deep as necessary.


Built for both K2 items and Joomla articles

Toreda puts all the powerful features of K2 at your fingertips. Fully customized overrides for the needs of the template.  Alternatively you can always use the Joomla article system. We’ve got you covered.


Cart powered by K2Store & J2Store

Forget about creating duplicate content and separate items for each product. K2Store lets you use any K2 item as product so that you can painlessly build your catalog right inside the same system that holds the rest of your site's content. It all comes with a full set of features that can satisfy any type of e-commerce site requirement.
If you don't use K2, you can always use J2Store with Joomla articles that is also fully supported by Toreda (yet not as feature-rich as K2!).



K2Store & J2Store Feature Highlights:

  • Uses K2 Items or Joomla articles as Products
  • Downloadable (Digital) Products
  • Product Options
  • Product Option Groups
  • Get custom input from buyers
  • Inventory/stock management
  • Product Image (K2)
  • Image galleries (K2)
  • Product rating (K2)
  • Onepage checkout
  • Guest checkout
  • Multiple tax rates
  • Geozone based tax rules
  • Fully compatible European VAT tax
  • Get VAT number from customers
  • Orders management
  • Itemised sales report
  • Search and sort in orders
  • Sales statistics
  • Minimum Order check
  • Print Invoices
  • Email invoices to the customer and the store administrators
  • Product reviews/comments (K2)

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Please note that this template is currently ONLY available for Joomla 3.x.

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Key Features

Hand-crafted for K2

K2 is a first-class citizen in all our Joomla templates. We don't just provide CSS styling for K2, we actually build customized K2 template override sets to match our designs.


All our Joomla templates are built to be all-responsive - so they are desktop, tablet & mobile friendly out of the box.

No Nonsense Frameworks

Our Joomla templates are simple to edit, using Joomla's built-in override editor. No need to re-invent the wheel.

Fast & Lightweight

Our templates follow a simplistic approach: we don't use dozens of CSS and JS files. Instead, we only use 1 CSS file as base (2 if you choose to use K2), 1 CSS file for any custom styling you wish to add (custom.css) and just 2 JS files (1 for common libraries & 1 for the applied behaviour). This makes all our Joomla templates lightning fast to load & render on the browser.

Smooth Updates

We provide template upgrade packages along with regular template packages and quick-start Joomla packages. When we need to update the core code of our templates, we leave the main template file (index.php) and custom.css (the files you are most likely to edit) untouched.

Quick-start packages for Joomla

Our templates are distributed standalone or as "Quickstart" packages. The "Quickstart" packages are essentially the demo site for each template. That way you can get started with one of our templates in no time, only adding the changes you wish so you can adapt our design to your needs.

Built for Joomla

Joomla is the most flexible and easy to customize CMS for both newbies and experienced users. We currently support the latest Joomla 3.x versions.

Adobe Photoshop Sources

All our Joomla templates come with full Adobe Photoshop (PSD) source files for you to edit as you wish.