Vimeo Private Videos displaying "Sorry This Video Does Not Exist"

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2 years 1 month ago #179617 by Dhahii

In recent weeks newly added Vimeo videos with Privacy settings pertaining to domain-specific playback have stopped working. This only applies to videos added during these past few weeks - all videos added a month ago (or thereabouts) and previous to that DO work.

I found this via the Vimeo site:

If the video settings are changed from Domain-level privacy to "Hide from Vimeo" or are made public, they work.

However, since my site has a paywall between the user and the videos, I do not want them to be public or shareable (at least not without a fair amount of hassle!)

I realise that if Vimeo have made changes to how their private videos are delivered by using this changed parameter ("?h=") there might be a chance that Allvideo does not handle this correctly, thus giving rise to the "Sorry This video does not exist" message. I also realise that a good number of users might not require such privacy settings, and therefore few users will be/are affected by it.

However, I have seen recent posts pertaining to iJoomla Guru (which I believe uses Allvideo for its video playback), and some users are experiencing this issue (which makes sense as Guru can be used as an LMS Paywall for courses).

Given that Vimeo didn't exactly "announce" any changes, I thought this might have slipped under the radar. I imagine that it will affect pretty much all plugins that allowed embedding of Vimeo videos in CMS like Joomla, Wordpress, etc, not just Allvideo.

So. Am I right that this is the issue, or am I barking up the wrong tree entirely?

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2 years 1 month ago #179625 by JoomlaWorks
Assuming the hash passed in the ?h= param is dynamic, it's not possible to keep using AllVideos for these private videos as the hash is not linked to the video URL in any way. Just use a generic embed-code plugin.

By they way, the name of the plugin is "AllVideos", and not "All Video" or "Allvideo"...

Fotis / JoomlaWorks Support Team
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