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**FORUM RULES** Read before posting! was created by JoomlaWorks
Welcome to the JoomlaWorks Community Forum!

Please read carefully the forum guidelines below before posting.

In brief: be relevant and make sure your question is posted in the right discussion board.

The forum guidelines
Other than the obvious...
- don't use bad language or offend others. This goes for both JoomlaWorks team members and normal forum members. Respect our hospitality.
- don't spam other forum members
- don't double post the same thing (we have eyes you know!)
- don't use banners in your profile signature
- don't post warez software etc.
- in all ways, act civilized.

Think of the forum as a friendly casual place to hang out! Exchange knowledge or learn stuff by interacting with other users.

Keeping the forum in a relaxed and cool spirit is what we eventually wanna do. Don't you?


A few notes before posting
If you are having technical issues with a product, make sure you always provide a detailed explanation of the problem. In such cases, don't forget to mention the URL of the site in question, the Joomla version used, the product version used and please, please, be patient for someone to answer to you!

When might a user be banned
Offensive language, post spamming and spam (of course) will not be tolerated. If you cannot follow these rules, you will be banned from the forum and this goes for everyone not complying. You can always do your criticism towards JoomlaWorks, life or God in a civilized way like many others do. But, I repeat, offensive posts will be deleted and the offending users will be banned without notice.

If you understand that and willing to comply, you are welcome in this forum. If not, please seek support elsewhere.

In the case of paying customers that do not wish to comply to the forum rules, support will only be provided via our HelpDesk System.

Fotis / JoomlaWorks Support Team
Please search the forum before posting a new topic :)
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