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How to configue Takai

  • Akpa Chuks
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5 years 4 months ago #154582 by Akpa Chuks
How to configue Takai was created by Akpa Chuks
Thank you Kriko for you response.
But I have gone through th documentation. I am actually a no-too-much programming incline. Have been trying to configure takai template but finding it difficult. I need help on.......... my site (

1. I can't save my site Logo or name.

2. When I place a module on the component area position nothing else displays on the front end (Home) i.e nothing opens on the Front End when it is clicked.

3.When I place a module on the takia inner-right position it goes to the sidebar position while modules for sidebar goes below the module for inner-Right position. As can be seen on my website ( there the POPULAR THIS MONTH is supposed to be on the inner-right position but it positions itself on the sidebar position while CALLENDER is to be on the Sidebar but it's below the Inner-right position instead.

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  • Krikor Boghossian
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5 years 4 months ago #154698 by Krikor Boghossian
Replied by Krikor Boghossian on topic How to configue Takai
You need to download the latest update package version of Takai, and install it through the Extensions Manager.

If you can re-enable the site I could provide more insight.

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