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A few Questions to the Developers

  • Benjamin Weigl
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12 years 6 months ago #69581 by Benjamin Weigl
A few Questions to the Developers was created by Benjamin Weigl
I've a few Questions about the K2 CCK. I dont understand why you guys give the Frontend Developers so much power and dont care about things, we need every day.

- i can put a lot of new Fields to my content, thats great - we've been looking for that, since we hear from Drupals CCK
- but: could you explain why there is not any Function who could use this Power of new fields ?

- i cant create a Module with the latest articles, witch is showing some of the new Field values
- i cant create a simple Category List with the new Field values and a pagination
- etc. etc. etc.

Dont missunderstand me. I m really happy if guys like you care about the wishes, wich are ignored by the Joomla Dev-Team. But more functionality should be also usable.

CCK for Drupal is "nothing" without the views Module, wich granted the Output on Blocks. Now we have 5 or 6 Components for Joomla wich granted CCK for the Content, but not one of them gives us the chance to output the Articles as Modules or Overviews in a simple way.

Cheers Ben

PS: and PLEASE: dont put Ajax/JS, tables or CSS into the *body*, thats so much work to fix it.

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