Items deleted from media/k2/items/cache weekly

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1 week 6 days ago #168661 by Marc Esteve
Marc Esteve created the topic: Items deleted from media/k2/items/cache weekly
Hi there,
I’ve had an issue with the folder media/k2/items/cache for a while (December!) and it is that all the items older than one week included in that folder are automatically deleted.
It only happens in the main domain ( ), not in any other subdomains, even if it’s exactly the same template. Sometimes I have a copy of the web in a subdomain (with everything working fine), I change the subdomain name to www via FTP, so that subdomain becomes the main domain, and... all pictures on that media/k2/items/cache folder disappear.
This happens with any template. I have tried 3 templates from different providers.
It happens with Joomla 2.5 and Joomla 3.8, basically, with any Joomla version.
All the subdomains and domains are in different MySQL databases.
At the moment I have the web on , which is a copy of the old (now offline), using a different database and it works fine.
Permissions in folders (755) and files (644) are the same everywhere (main domain and subdomains).
An index.html file is present in the folder.
It only happens if the path and folder name is media/k2/items/cache. If I change “cache” by something else it does not happen althought the pictures on the web are not visible because of the wrong news path.
I have a 100GB allowance and I am only using 16GB so space is not an issue.
As I have the web in several subdomains I don’t need the rebuild tool from github. I can just transfer the files to the folder via FTP but I would like to know where the issue is because otherwise they will be deleted again after one week of being there.
Thanks in advance.

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