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3 days 10 hours ago #171542 by Kelsey Brookes
Kelsey Brookes created the topic: Forcing active menu item
Hi there,

I'm on Joomla 3.9.4, K2 2.9.0, with sh404SEF and the K2 sh404SEF plugin v1.5.0.

I've got a bit of an odd issue where the active menu for an item accessed via a category list view is incorrect.

e.g. Menu items for 'about' and 'blog'.

The 'about' menu item links to the 'about' item in the 'about' category.

That one works as expected - the 'about' menu shows as active.

On the 'about' page I also load a K2 Module showing all the items in the 'Team' category, which is a subcategory of 'about'.

When I click through to any of these items, the menu item that is shown as 'active' is fairly random.

It's either nothing, 'about' or 'blog'....

Is there any way to force the active menu item towards the one we want? i.e. 'about'.


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3 days 3 hours ago #171544 by Fotis
Fotis replied the topic: Forcing active menu item
If it's not a caching issue (check the menu module), check if there are other menu mappings to these categories.

A URL would also help :)

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