K2 rating module issue

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8 months 2 weeks ago #171564 by Myster Dog ?
Myster Dog ? created the topic: K2 rating module issue

I have just noticed someting weird on the K2 rating module behaviour :
If I rate a K2 item, I cannot rate it twice, which is the expected behaviour.
But If someone rates the same K2 item after me, then I can rate it twice. and so on.
So, with 2 different IPs, it is possible to rate the same k2 item indefinitely... which coule encourage the users to cheat...

I've searched into the database, all the user IPs are not kept when rating a k2 item.
Only the last IP is kept in the xx_k2_rating table.
In fact, each new rate updates the corresponding record in the xx_k2_rating table, including the lastip field.

I thought each rate would be stored in the database, so that each user can only rate once a k2 item...

Is this normal ?
Is there a way to keep all raters IPs ?

And, by the way (that's the way I noticed this weird behaviour...), is it possible to save the user IP and the date when he/she rates a k2 item ?

This would make it possible to know, for example, which k2 items has been most rated in the week...

Thanks in advance for your help.


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8 months 2 weeks ago #171572 by Fotis
Fotis replied the topic: K2 rating module issue
This shouldn't happen obviously, so it's a bug. But we need to verify first. I'll come back with more in the coming days.

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