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1 week 2 days ago #175895 by Anja
Anja created the topic: Item View - No Image
Hi there, I hope you are all well, this is my first post.
I am looking for help how to find out why item view images are gone.
The K2 Item view worked perfectly fine, but a few days ago ( estimate) all images stopped showing in the item view. It shows in back end.
The problem persists also when making a new item, item saves perfectly, including upload of picture, or finding one one the server. But the picture still does not show in the front end.
How can I figure out what is wrong and then fix it?

Thankyou for your time, I really appreciate it! Thank you!

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1 week 1 day ago #175911 by Fotis
Fotis replied the topic: Item View - No Image
If your category settings have not changed to hide the image, then perhaps your K2 template overrides are broken (they should be located in /templates/YOUR_JOOMLA_TEMPLATE/html/com_k2/).

You can quickly test the latter by appending ?template=protostar to a K2 item URL, which would load the Protostar template with core K2 templates (not your overrides).

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