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1 week 15 hours ago #177190 by Steven Trooster
Create a page with list of authors was created by Steven Trooster
I'm looking for an easer way to create a page that lists all the active users of a certain K2 or Joomla group. Now I have a menu item of type 'latest items' where I have to manual select authors to be shown on that page. I've set the number of articles shown to 0, so the page only contains the author profiles. See:

We have a large team of editors, and it is quite tedious to add a new a author to the system.
First I have create a new user and add it to the appropriate user group to give the new author access to the site
Then I have to go to K2 and assign the K2 usergroup to give him/her access to write articles in K2
Then I have to go to the menu item and add the new user to the list (and remove authors that left, who's account is disabled)
And finally I have to drag the author to the correct alphabetical order.

I would save me a lot of time and keep the author page up to date if I could just create a user in Joomla and assign the user to the correct group. Period.
So my first question is: why does K2 have it's own user group for K2 access?
And second: is there a way (i.e. a plugin) that creates a list of all users of a certain group automatically, sorted alphabetically?

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3 days 12 hours ago #177208 by Fotis
Replied by Fotis on topic Create a page with list of authors

1) So we can extend the user info and also allow frontend editing with an easier set of permissions to configure compared to Joomla's access permissions.

2) You can always setup the K2 Users module to retrieve users from a given K2 group. Then mashup a few of them to make a long "authors" page.

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