Some Selected items are rendering a different article to base href address

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2 months 2 days ago - 2 months 2 days ago #177489 by Paul Mason
Recently I noticed that when selecting an item in a category, the wrong item is displayed

EDIT: I disabled custom SEF settings and all works now. I will need to do some research on the custom SEF settings section before I use it by the look of it.
Does anyone have any advice/observations about that?

for example go to
and select any category - e.g.
then select any article - e.g.

But the item for a different article is rendered
Even though the URL still shows the selected target it actually renders:


I don't know where to look to figure out why it's happening

It also happens on other devices.
I have tried:
clearing the browser cache
opening on a different device
opening and re-saving some items
Deleting .htaccess
disabling SEO plugin
Disabling joomla rewriting

Un-publishing the russia article generates a 404 error

In the inspector, the base href is shown correctly, but the rendered page is always from

How does K2 call the content? Is it likely to be a data indexing problem?
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2 months 1 day ago #177512 by Fotis
The URL router for the "Advanced SEF" option was changed in v2.10.3 and under certain cases, may produce buggy URLs. Either switch it off, or just replace component/com_k2/router.php with the copy from K2 v2.10.2:

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