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Etag for K2 Category and Joomla article pages - Urgent help needed

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11 months 1 week ago #177675 by ExquisM

I wonder how etags could be added to K2 Category and Joomla article pages, just like it has been done to the K2 Items pages since V2.10.3.

It looks certain browsers (eg. iOS Safari) increasingly rely on etags for html browser cache management.

I have a couple of websites where by accident, for a while, a long max-age value was defined in the http header for the html content/files. In this situation, the only way to make sure that fresh content loads to the browser of returning visitor, as far as I know, is to have an etag in the http header of the html content/file. Fortunately, K2 now adds the etags to the http header of K2 items, but that doesn't solve the problem for the K2 category and Joomla pages.

Please let me know if you have any suggestion.

I am willing to pay for custom development / private consultation -- pls contact me through my email address provided in my profile. Prompt response and help would be much appreciated.


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10 months 3 weeks ago #177737 by Fotis
Item listings (categories, tags etc.) are better off having a fixed cache-control max-age value, because they are more likely to get updated more often that individual items. That's why I didn't add the etag header in the itemlist view in K2.

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