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1 week 6 days ago #178547 by Goble002
HTML stripping for Tiny MCE was created by Goble002

in front-end editing for k2 items I want to allow registered users to use only p tag.

In TinyMCE:
set 0 is set to Administrator and Super Users groups.
Set 1 is set to "registered" group with "Use Joomla Text Filter"
Set 2 is not applied to any group. 

In K2 Settings > Content cleanup
"Introtext HTML cleanup (tag strip)" and "Fulltext HTML cleanup (tag strip)" are set to Yes.

In Global configs > Text Filters:
Administrator and Super Users : No Filtering
For test purpose: I have set all other groups to "No HTML"
However the HTML tags are not stripped after clicking save in Front-end.

If I disable "Use Joomla Text Filter" and I include some "prohibited elements" (in TinyMCE plugin) these tags are stripped successfully.

Since there might be too many tags to remove, it will be difficult to list all of them in "prohibited elements". I would prefer getting them removed by the " Text Filters" feature in Global configs or by K2.

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1 week 6 days ago #178561 by Fotis
Replied by Fotis on topic HTML stripping for Tiny MCE
Use K2's content cleanup options only. In there, list the most basic HTML tags NOT to strip (e.g. p,a,i,b etc.).

This will ensure K2 always has the last word when it comes to content cleanup.

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