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1 year 1 month ago #179215 by Ygor Rafael Ribeiro
Change Hits System | Stars for Heart was created by Ygor Rafael Ribeiro
Hello everyone in the community.

I would like to change it to a K2 function, not to mention it would look much better this way, at least I imagine it would.

It's about the stars of the Hits option.
Well they are 5 stars, and the hotel does the right calculation and that is super incredible, however when the user does not want the option of stars but simple likes, likes or not.

In my case I'm wanting to add this in my articles, however the web system is complicated for me, I don't have programming experience. however I managed to do only a makeup, it was like that.

I just removed through css 4 stars leaving only 1, changed the image "ratingstars.gif" to hearts, it worked excellently, but a problem arose, I need the bigger hearts, they by default on K2 occupy the space of 25px by 25px, square , so even if I change the image proportionately there are a lot of problems, the hearts are just messed up on the screen.

So I'm here asking if anyone knows the code or knows someone who has done this to have this option in K2 that we like so much.

If you have any pro-player I still suggest doing something different, instead of GIF images, just use php and css but that would be just to be more flexible in terms of UX and the animation would be simpler to solve.

I hope I was clear in my doubts, I'm here trying to put the gif images in a way that gets messy, I really hope the community's help, thank you =).

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1 year 1 month ago #179234 by JoomlaWorks
Replied by JoomlaWorks on topic Change Hits System | Stars for Heart
It's all CSS related but impossible to help you out without seeing a live page...

Fotis / JoomlaWorks Support Team
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