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Module K2 content > Exclude items (override)

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3 weeks 2 days ago #179216 by RomyS
Hello Fotis and friends !!
I need to exclude items for the module, but after kunena update I can't access the example code in the forum (eg 1st-item)
Can you guide me? we have a tmpl override and only need to display the last 11 featured items from 20 selected items. The first 9 I show them in another k2 module!

Thanks for your help!

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2 weeks 5 days ago #179235 by Fotis
Within your foreach loop just check if $item->featured is true to decide whether to show or hide a given K2 item.

As for the broken code issue in past forum threads, we're still waiting from Kunena's devs to respond in a meaningful way... See the message at the top. Sorry for the trouble.

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