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Email notification when a new or modified article is submitted in K2

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5 days 14 hours ago #179325 by joao
Hi, my sites work with plugin NotificationAry to notify you by email when an article is submitted in K2. In this way the contributor does not publish the article but it is published by the supervisor.
Unfortunately the plugin is no longer supported (it was free) and with the Joomla! I will have to rethink the site: do you have any suggestions on how to do it?
Thanks so much

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3 days 19 hours ago #179328 by Goble002
1. There are extensions out there like k2 notify.

2. you can try to hardcode in itemform.php (create override first), something like below. (I'm not a coder)

$to = "youremail";
$subject = "yoursubject";
$txt = $this->row->title;
$headers = "From: youremail";

Issue here you won't know which article has been changed / added. You will receive an email (each time someone open the form to submit an item but who does not necessarily submit) and then you check which k2 items are unpublished in back-end.

3. You can enable use User Actions Log Options in joomla user management for admin account. This can be a bit spammy since you might received all kinds of notifications and not necessarily when user submits.

My Stock Photo Website powered by k2 :

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  • joao
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20 hours 31 minutes ago #179338 by joao
Hi Globe002, thanks for your reply.
I tried K2 Notify some time ago and it doesn't work properly, that's why I preferred NotificationAry.
NotificationAry sends an email containing the direct link to the article for editing / publishing from the frontend. It is a great way to manage a system with Authors and Reviewers who publish the article without necessarily accessing the backend.
I'll see what solution to adopt.

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