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back end item list defaults to ALL and can't be changed

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1 week 4 days ago #179693 by Chad Criswell
Please see the brief video below for a visual look at what is going on.  I am running K2 version 2.10.4

Basically the problem is that the system seems to be defaulting to showing ALL items (over 4k of them) and it is causing memory issues.  When the page does display if I scroll to the bottom and change the ALL to 100 or any other number the system kicks me out to the Joomla control panel and does not save the new item count setting.  Is there a way to manually (through the database) change this entry?  I already have the system set to use a 128MB memory limit...

Video here:

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1 week 3 days ago #179694 by Goble002
Have you tried the reset button ?

Moreover fere if I logged out and log in again if will default to 20.

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