Access itemAuthorLatest/authorLatestItems within mod_k2_content template??

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4 weeks 16 hours ago - 4 weeks 16 hours ago #180322 by Greg Stead

So, in the com_k2 / [template name] / item.php, you are able to loop through authorLatestItems with this code:

<?php foreach ($this->authorLatestItems as $key => $item) : ?>
[Do something with $item]
<?php endforeach ?>

Is it possible to take advantage of authorLatestItems for each item in a mod_k2_content? I see that there is an itemAuthorLatest in the $params values, but I can't figure out how to access those. Any help is much appreciated, as I am currently hard coding the block I need as an extraField, meaning I have to update the extraField and the related item in order to reach all instances of the item across our site when there is a copy edit.
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