k2 sh404SEF plugin & tags

1 year 1 month ago #180399 by sonet
k2 sh404SEF plugin & tags was created by sonet
I'm using the k2 sh404sef plugin v1.6.0.

The issue i'm having is that i have a custom ajax request for k2 tags. The plugin blocks the request. When i disable the plugin the suggested results for the tags work. I have contacted joomlaworks support over a week ago. but have not had a response. So i thought i'd ask on the forum it anyone has a solution. Below is the url ajax request


i know in principle i was the plugin to whitelist this url. But can't find any docs to do this.

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11 months 2 weeks ago - 11 months 2 weeks ago #180566 by owardlybiryani
Replied by owardlybiryani on topic k2 sh404SEF plugin & tags
My problem is that I need to make a special Ajax request for k2 tags, and this is causing me some headaches. The request is denied by the plugin. Suggestions for tags only seem to function when I deactivate the plugin. It's been almost a week since I contacted joomlaworks' help. but have heard nothing back as of yet. Therefore, I though I'd see if the forum's population could provide any advice. The ajax request URI is shown below.
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