How to split Categorys with sef

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1 month 1 week ago #180605 by Chris
How to split Categorys with sef was created by Chris
I have different categories of Articles how do i split my video categories from my writeup categories from my review categories from my, from my, from my...

sh404sef with K2 just lumps all my articles into zero categories and mushes all my categories together very ugly, i was just hoping K2 would be updated and i could ask this question on my fresh website when i updated to Joomla4. Fast forward 2yrs i'm still stuck on Joomla3 and sh404sef so i've finally asked the question out of limbo, i was holding off from asking

sh404sef mushes all my categories together, i'll fix this and the fix will likely no longer work on the "new" version of sef on Joomla4 whenever that's supposed to happen while i wait in limbo here.

i need
Whatever fixes today will likely be broke tomorrow on Joomla4  which was why i was holding off in limbo :/

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1 month 3 days ago #180612 by JoomlaWorks
Replied by JoomlaWorks on topic How to split Categorys with sef
Since sh404SEF will not work on Joomla 4 (to the best of my knowledge), I can't be certain what happens when you migrate to J4. If Yannick's new 4SEF extension can carry on with sh404SEF's SEF settings, then I guess you should be fine. But I obviously can't know for sure.

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