List categories not acting correctly. Shows different category once clicked.

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3 weeks 4 days ago #180635 by Chad Criswell
This is a really hard one to explain in text so please see the video below for a walk through.  Essentially though the title says the problem.  When showing a list of K2 categories if you set it one way you get 404 errors when clicking the categories.  If I change it the other way the category links work but they show the wrong category title but with the correct articles.

I would greatly appreciate any insight into this.  Thank you.

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2 weeks 2 days ago #180669 by JoomlaWorks
I carefully watched your video and then browsed the site as well. What I noticed is that the K2 sub-categories without issues are not linked to a menu item. So my guess is that because the site's structure is complex/large, it's most likely that the "bad" K2 links/categories are simply referenced by old menu items which our outdated. Which explains why the items loaded are correct but the titles in the URL and breadcrumbs is wrong. The last 2 are properties of the Joomla menu system (not K2) and this is evident by the short URL structure these have.

E.g. /beads-and-jewelry.html (bad title/URL, correct fetched items) vs /videos/painting-on-glass-videos/itemlist/category/66-painting-on-glass.html (good).

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