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Joomla 4 support

1 month 4 days ago #180307 by Peggy Baussart
Replied by Peggy Baussart on topic Joomla 4 support
where is SIGP for J4?
Your users have been asking for it for 1 year. What's going on ?
Have your developers left the company?
Out of honesty for your customers you could:
1. you move to exit SIGP for J4
2. Communicate and respond to your customers on the forum
3. stop selling SIGP for J3 which is obsolete. Who still builds a site under J3 today?

It is certain that your lack of responsiveness is causing you to lose many customers.

My clients for whom I created sites with SIGP are furious because rendering with the plugin is not the same as the component. And I too am furious.

Are you going to extend the subscription of your customers who paid for nothing in 2021?

Is there still a pilot on this plane?
There is an echo here.

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3 weeks 3 days ago #180325 by Carol Haynes
Replied by Carol Haynes on topic Joomla 4 support
I get the impression JoomlaWorks is defunct - they don't answer support requests and only one Pro extension has been upgraded for Joomla 4 (and that only for PHP 5, 6, 7) all of which are defunct - well 7 is almost defunct.

Their templates are for version 3 too

I just renewed my subscription in error not realising they have been promising SIG Pro for over a year and no updates for over 18 months. I only upgraded because the official Joomla extensions directory says it is J4 compatible.

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