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5 years 10 months ago - 5 years 10 months ago #166440 by Andreas
Mootools Problem was created by Andreas
Hey there,

I tried via mail but lets start again here in the forum. After installing 3.5.0 and also 3.6.0 I noticed an issue with the Mootools library included with the plugin. I noticed an error in the browser console and traced it back to Mootools. Based on my knowledge I would say it's some sort of compatibility issue of Mootools and another library because I already had a similar thing with other plugins and other non Joomla based projects. Maybe some sort of double event binding IDK.

The error is listed below but I know that this might not very helpful for you because it's the stacktrace of the minified JS file but I can provide you a better trace if you want. However I think a better solution instead of digging around and finding the cause within a 3rd party library would be to simply remove the Mootools include lines from the plugin because it's not necessary. The plugin runs just fine without it IDK why they are included because it does not affect the functionality nor it throws any error without it. Maybe you can provide me with more information why it's even included when it does not have any effect.

The lines in the plugin I'm talking about can be found in 'jw_sig.php' and are located L231-235:
if (version_compare(JVERSION, '1.6.0', 'ge')) {
} else {

Moreover the plugin would be much more lightweight without loading an unnecessary library. Furthermore, I'm also not using an overloaded Joomla install with tons of libraries which may cause interferences it's a pretty basic install with Gantry 5 and not much JS stuff loaded. Just to let you know the system I'm working on. If Mootools is required under some special circumstances or for legacy support I suggest that you at least provide a simple flag to disable it in the backend because it's a bit of a pain to always remove lines from files which can be overriden over the template. So that people who don't need the Mootools lib can simply disable it. Thanks in advance.

SyntaxError: unexpected token: ':'[Weitere Informationen]
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5 years 9 months ago #166461 by Krikor Boghossian
Replied by Krikor Boghossian on topic Mootools Problem
Hello and thank you for pointing this out.
We will remove MooTools from the upcoming versions.

JoomlaWorks Support Team
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