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SIP - Pics from Folder/Path (Medien) in Joomla

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1 year 1 month ago #176885 by Alexander Ka
I am looking for a gallery for a club homepage that can do the following:
Our club cloud is connected to the Joomla media folder. Means: If I create a new subfolder for photos of a certain event in the cloud, this is also created in the joomla media in the same way. The sense behind this is that later different club groups keep their group page on the HP itself with pictures up to date and get certain user rights through the cloud.

1) Because the pictures are automatically synced into the joomla media, I do not have to upload the pictures again. Therefore I am looking for a Gallery, which can access a media folder and automatically extract the images from there WITHOUT creating a separate image folder. (Then the sync with the cloud wouldn't make sense).
2. if I upload more photos into an already existing folder with an already running Gallery, the next time I open the Gallery, the other pictures should also be displayed automatically
3. because of the different club groups I have to be able to refer the Gallery to different subfolders of the media, so not just a general path
4. the photos are usually held directly from the mobile phone into the cloud and therefore have a high file size, which results in longer loading times, so the gallery should have pre-settable px/dpi options to shorten the loading times.
5. automatic addition of a watermark.

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1 year 1 month ago #176892 by Fotis
1-4 is possible (with SIGPro though). 5 is not supported.

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