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Various RSS Display Troubles

9 months 4 weeks ago #178393 by A
Various RSS Display Troubles was created by A

This is my first time creating a site with Joomla and I am very much a novice. I am trying to display various RSS feeds using the Simple RSS Feed Reader, but I have some problems. Firstly, in feeds such as this one: , the feed will display but will not show the images no matter what I have tried. Next, some feeds will not display at all despite being valid and working with other RSS widgets. These widgets are just free trials so I can't count on them because I have no budget for my project. Here is an example of a feed I want to use but will not display at all with this extension or any others on Joomla I have tried: .

Worth noting is that I believe my version is 3.8, but I had to edit a file to get the extension to work at all, similar to another user in another recent thread. I did what they describe in the image I will attach.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


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9 months 3 weeks ago #178448 by Fotis
Replied by Fotis on topic Various RSS Display Troubles
The first feed you mentioned "carries" its feed contents inside a "<content:encoded>" tag ( The module does not look for content there.

The 2nd feed encapsulates images in <media> tags which again are not currently supported by the module.

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3 weeks 52 minutes ago #179778 by bellamy112
Replied by bellamy112 on topic Various RSS Display Troubles
Timeout errors happen when an RSS feed reader is trying to crawl a site's RSS feed, but can't get access due to the server being too slow in reacting to a data ...

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