Setting up our demo

This template has one setup category called Subjects. All other categories inherit its parameters. The layout is single columned with five Primary items. There is no use of Leading or Secondary items, but can be used if needed.

The Medium sized photos are used for best result. Large images are not suitable for these layouts and Small and XSmall sizes are too small.

Image sizes

The following image sizes are recommended for this template:

  • XSmall 100
  • Small 210
  • Medium 276
  • Large 666
  • XLarge 900
  • Generic 276
  • Category image 306
  • Avatar size 100
  • Commenter image 48

Module suffixes

This template uses the basic suffixes as described here. Moreover, if you want your module to have a grey background (#E7E6DF) just use the .greyBox suffix.
The .k2ItemsVideoBlock is used on the Video gallery module. If you want a Video gallery on your site or you want the look and feel of this module you have to use this class as suffix. 

Template specific module overrides

The Photogrid (home page module) and the Video gallery are templates specifically for the K2 Content module.
If you choose not to use the K2 Component, the Photogrid override is also available through the nuContent plugin.

Extra Fields

On the category listing and on the K2 item page, there is some extra information like Dates and Tickets. This information is added through K2 Extra Fields. Those extra fields belong to a K2 Extra Field Group which is assigned to the preffered K2 Category. The type for the Date field is date and for the Tickets is Textarea.

Setting up the Highlights section

The Highlight section is located in the bottom left part of the frontpage on the Demo site, under the heading "nuArt HIGHLIGHTS". This section can be set up through the Template Parameters. Go to Extensions → Template Manager and after you locate the template, open it and head up to the Template Specific Tab. There you will find the Content Highlights Section and you can Add, Edit or Remove a highlight.

Setting up custom colors per category

To set up a color per category (either K2 or Joomla) go to the Template's Parameters and locate the Category Colors under the Template Specific Tab. You can choose any custom color for your category, either through the color picker or by inserting directly the hex of the color, i.e. #FFFFFF for white. If you have installed the Quickstart package the colors will be already preselected to the four ones (purple (#663366), orange (#FF7800), light blue (#70A7E0), fuchsia (#EA3A4E)) you see in the Demo site.

Commercial Extensions

Simple Image Gallery Pro - After installing it go to the Extension's parameters Layout template for image galleries and choose the one named after the template, i.e. nuArt.

Visual Walkthrough