09 10 2017
We have just released a major update to AllVideos, version 4.8.0, for Joomla versions 1.5, 2.5 and 3.x.

It's highly recommended that you update AllVideos to v4.8.0, especially if your Joomla site is running on PHP 7 and/or using HTTPS by default.
24 08 2017
K2 v2.8.0 is now available to download for Joomla 1.5 to 3.x. This release improves the content management workflow and UI, is fully compatible with PHP 7.x and the latest Joomla 3.7.x, while at the same time addressing various issues from performance to UI, to bug fixes and security.
26 04 2016
JoomlaWorks will be 10 in a few months, just a little older than Joomla itself.

In these 10 years we have managed to create some of the most respected and of course popular extensions in the Joomla community. Extensions like K2, AllVideos, Simple Image Gallery (Free and Pro) or Tabs & Sliders, all with more than one million downloads each. At the same time, we have developed more than 30 extensions for Joomla (both free and commercial), all with a combined download count of nearly 8 million.

As we progress into the future, building new & more complex products, while embracing new platforms (WordPress in particular), we must be laser focused on the products that matter most to our vision. And our vision is to offer solid, cross-platform products with a long lifespan, that redefine how we develop websites with Joomla and eventually WordPress. That way you can invest in them and know that they will be supported and improved continuously.

So as we move towards more such complex products, we (unfortunately) have to cut down on the resources we spend on extensions that are less important to us, as we really don't wish to become "Jack of all trades, master of none".

Our goal is to maintain a portfolio of less than 10 products for Joomla and (eventually) WordPress. Less products means we can be more agile when it comes to developing new features in the future.
29 03 2016
In the recent update of K2 v2.7.0 we decided to decouple any built-in integration with third party extensions for 2 important reasons: easier maintenance of third party features and faster updates.

K2 is built as a solid component and we don't plan on releasing updates every couple of weeks. To give you an idea of how solid K2 is, the previous version (2.6.9) was released in December 2014 and it was 100% compatible with Joomla 3.4.x up until the launch of K2 v2.7.0. A slower release cycle means we are more careful when we issue updates to K2 and this is something we believe firmly.

That being said, if we want to properly support third party extension integration with K2, it's best to decouple any such functionality. It's what we did since the inception of K2 in 2009 when we decided to keep the advanced media and image gallery functionalities completely separate in the form of AllVideos and Simple Image Gallery Pro.

After so many years, one thing has also proved certain: the continuous support of sh404SEF from Anything Digital and recently from Weeblr (founded by sh404SEF's original developer, Yannick Gaultier). sh404SEF is one of the most popular extensions in the Joomla community and it's arguably the best SEO related extension for Joomla.

So seeing sh404SEF continuously being updated and improved, we decided to decouple it from K2 in order to follow such changes in sh404SEF's development. As a bonus we also added community requested features for even better URL manipulation and finally we made sure the plugin supports both K2 versions 2.x and the upcoming 3.x. That's one codebase to maintain and from now on it will fall to faster updates, following closely the development of sh404SEF.

The new "K2 Plugin for sh404SEF" is distributed commercially for two reasons: we can provide dedicated/personal support and it's a way to give back to the K2 project.

"K2 Plugin for sh404SEF" is now available to purchase in 6 and 12 month subscriptions, starting from 14.90 EUR.
29 03 2016
k2 plugin for sh404sef logo 1024x512
A plugin for supporting K2 in sh404SEF.

Use the plugin to configure K2 URLs when using sh404SEF in a multitude of options.

Unlike the previous built-in implementation for sh404SEF, this new plugin provides new URL manipulation options and it has dual compatibility with K2 versions 2.7.0+ as well as the upcoming K2 version 3.

The plugin has been successfully tested with sh404SEF versions 4.6.x in Joomla 2.5 and 3.x.


  • K2 v2.7.0 or newer
  • sh404SEF v4.6.x or newer
  • Joomla 2.5 or 3.x


  • Make sure you meet the requirements above and that K2 and sh404SEF are already present on your Joomla installation.
  • Upload the latest version of the plugin on your Joomla site.
  • Locate the plugin under the "sh404SEF ext plugins" group in the Joomla Plugin Manager.
  • Click the plugin name to edit its settings - most options are pretty self explanatory.
  • Make sure the plugin is enabled and hit "Save & Close" after you adjust settings as you see fit.
  • Clean your sh404SEF URLs cache.
  • Clean Joomla's cache if it's enabled.
  • K2 URLs should now be optimized by sh404SEF.


k2 plugin for sh404sef backend
09 12 2014

This is the privacy policy for the Google and Facebook Apps named "" (referenced as the "Apps" below).

As a registered Google and/or Facebook user, you are also subject to Google's and/or Facebook's privacy policy. For Facebook specifically, please check your Facebook account privacy settings for further information.


Collecting information about you

We only collect your name and email address to allow you access to our website. No other information is retrieved from your account.


Our principles

We never share any information we collect (as stated above) with any other source or company.



To unsubscribe simply remove the App by accessing the application settings in your Google and/or Facebook account settings. Once you remove the App you will no longer be able to login to our website.

22 07 2014

As you may have noticed the past few weeks, we have unpublished the product pages for K2mart and SuperBlogger. As it occurs with every other product or technology, there is a time when we have to say goodbye, either because a new better product or technology fulfills our needs or simply because it's not required anymore.

18 04 2014
F-i-n-a-l-l-y! Goodbye, adieu, sayonara, άντε γεια & good riddance to Joomla LTS releases!

The Joomla team has decided to ditch the Ubuntu style release cycle (a truly WTF decision in the first place) and once and for all end confusion to developers, users, customers and clients from hell.

This means that the current release (3.x) is the current stable release. There is NO need to use Joomla 2.5 anymore. It won't be more stable compared to Joomla 3.x. And when 4.x is released, that will be the new stable release and so on.

An exception will be made for Joomla 2.5 and it will be supported until the end of 2014. Joomla development will then shift entirely to Joomla 3.x.
07 03 2013
2013 is bringing a lot of new cool things from the JoomlaWorks labs. New extensions that we hope will redefine essential functionality within any Joomla site and lots of updates to our existing line of extensions, like K2, Frontpage Slideshow and Simple Image Gallery Pro. The latter will now become a "component based" extension (from just a plugin) to allow content managers to easily create and edit image galleries and their captions for K2 and any other extension within Joomla.

We've always put user friendlyness and ease of use above all when building our extensions. At least up to what's possible for any type of extension.  Simple Image Gallery Pro was great (and still is) as a plugin that allows you to zip a bunch of files and quickly transform them to an image gallery grid. It's no wonder why the free version is one of the most popular extensions in the Joomla Extensions Directory for many years now. People hate to use tools that take more time to deal with than the actual content they're producing. If it takes you more time to upload a gallery than shooting the actual pictures, then there's a problem. And unfortunately, many gallery components in the Joomlasphere simply fail to deliver what they promise.
A few days ago we launched SocialConnect, a new kind of social extension for Joomla which we plan to extend over time to become the no. 1 integration hub for social networks for your Joomla site.

It's part of our "masterplan" to redefine what we consider basic functionality for any Joomla site. It started with K2 and now it's moving deeper into more specialized areas. SocialConnect is an extension that -as with all things made by JoomlaWorks- came out from a real need. And it was tested extensively for more than a year on the K2 Community, before being publicly released.