BusinessOne is going to amaze you with it's flexibility, style and customisation options that can adapt to any corporate and portfolio presentation. It comes with 3 pre-built design variations: Construction, Medical and Technology each with it's own content block configuration and visual style.

NewsWorth is a template designed and built to fit your news related website, blog or online magazine. It stands out for it's simplicity and overall flat aesthetic that adapts perfectly to the content.

Nokkori is perfect for any type of multi-category presentation, which makes it a great choice for your next hotel, restaurant or event-oriented site. The full screen slideshow on the front page serves as a beautiful and captivating entrance to the rest of the content with a clear and intuitive navigation.

Building e-commerce sites doesn't have to be hard or full of compromises. Toreda uses the power and flexibility of K2 combined with K2Store (and J2Store for Joomla articles) to bring you an extremely easy way to setup and manage your online store.

A multi-colored template designed for blogging and magazine style web sites. The overall minimal aesthetic of "The Conversationalist" allows the visitor to focus on and enjoy your content.

A flexible one-page template for any kind of corporate presentation or creative portfolio. Archetype comes with multiple layout options, 6 built-in colour variations and the ability to setup your own variation using the template options in the Joomla backend. 

RadioWave is a fully featured template for online radio stations and music portals with built-in support for Radiojar, a popular web based service that lets you easily setup and manage your online radio station.

A sharp looking template built for events, conferences as well as any type of presentation for your app or service. Ibento comes with a customisable single page layout, custom colour variations, background video section, parallax views, and cutting edge animated transitions that leave a memorable impression.

01 03 2014

Built and optimized for content-heavy websites like news portals and online magazines, Kiji comes with a rich feature set including a smart layout system, multiple ways to present your content, a dynamic mega menu and custom colours for each section of your content.

01 04 2014

Matchbox is a general purpose template that is strikingly simple, yet impressive and friendly. Use it to build your next business, service, app-related presentation or anything inbetween.