Setting up the nuContent plugin

Before you start with the nuContent plugin setup, go to the Downloads section and download it. The Quickstart package already includes this plugin, so if you choose to use it, there is no need downloading it.

Installing nuContent Package

  1. After logging in the backend of your site, go to the Extensions → Extensions Manager, click on Browse button, locate the .zip file and click on Upload & Install button.
  2. After the success message you can start setting up. Begin with setting up the Plugin first and move on to the Modules afterwards.

Setting up nuContent Plugin

The nuContent plugin, is located in Extensions → Plug-in Manager as Content - NuContent. It has two set of options. The Basic and the Advanced.

In Basic options you can set:

  • in which categories to render the plugin
  • the image sizes to use in your content views. The image sizes available are: XS, S, M, L, XL, like K2. You can select which size you want to render in the listing pages and in the article pages. After putting the options needed, SAVE them and then click on the Import Joomla articles button, located under Maintenance header. It is very important to enter all options for the images and SAVE first, before clicking the import button.

In the Advanced options there are also some set of options that add extra functionality such as:

  • the latest from user X articles,
  • the X number of articles that are related by tag with the one you are viewing and
  • the use of DISQUS as your comments mechanism.

Note *: It is advised to enter all or some of your content first and click on the Import Joomla articles button through the plugin afterwards. If something like that is not possible, use the Regenerate Images option under Maintenance in the plugin parameters.

Setting up nuContent Modules

Along with the nuContent plugin, a set of modules with pretty similar structure and functionality with K2 modules are provided. The available nuContent modules are: nuContent Comments, nuContent ItemsnuContent Menu, nuContent Tools and nuContent Users.

The nuContentComments module includes the following two options: Latest Comments, Top Commenters, like the K2 Comments module. The difference is that the nuContentComments module fetches its content through DISQUS.

The nuContent Items module fetches articles of all/specific categories or specific articles. It has multiple parameters which are similar to those of the K2 Content Module and can be seen through the screenshots below.

The nuContentMenu module could be used to substitute the Menu Module of Joomla.

The nuContent Tools module includes the following options: Archive, Authors List, Blog style - Calendar, Breadcrumbs, Categories List (Menu), Category Select Box, Search Box, Tag Cloud, Custom Code. Depending on which one you choose, you need to set the appropriate parameters. The available parameters are shown to the screenshots below.

The nuContent Users module shows all or specific users/authors with their details (name, avatar, e-mail) and a number of the items they have written.

Depending on the template you are using, visit the demo site, locate the module you want to use and advise the template's documentation or Visual Walkthrough for the appropriate setup.

Note **: In order for the tag cloud option in nuContent Tools module and the tags in nuContent Items to work, you will have to edit the content plugin we described above andclick the Import !Joomla Articles button. The Meta Keywords field of each article is used for the tags and tag cloud.

Note ***: For Joomla 3.1 you can either use the Meta Keywords field and render those tags through the nuContent plugin, or you can just use the Tags field and get the default Joomla functionality of the tags.

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