Commercial Extensions

In all our templates we use the Simple Image Gallery Pro extension by JoomlaWorks as our image gallery mechanism. This component supports six different layout templates which can be overridden to the template. Additionally to that, we have implemented one more layout for each template named after the template's name. All you have to do is select it through the component's parameters. You can find the reference in each template's documentation.

For two of our templates (nuMovies and nuFashion) we provide styling for the Frontpage Slideshow component by JoomlaWorks as the homepage slideshow as well. This component is accompanied by a module which also supports template overrides. As with Simple Image Gallery Pro, we have implemented specific layout templates for each template. Each template's documentation indicates which module template you should use.

These are commercial plugins and are NOT included in the installation package.
After purchasing the commercial extension from JoomlaWorks and installing it you can choose the appropriate component or module template you want to use according to your needs.

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