Setting up Social Menus

Apart from the Joomla 'traditional' menus we have implemented a social menu for the templates.

Instead of using template parts which are not as versatile as modules or using custom HTML modules which are not very user fiendly, we created CSS classes for our menu items.

What to do:

  1. You should create a new menu called something like 'Social Menu'.
  2. In the menu you must setup a new menu item as an external link with the appropriate link and title.
  3. Now head on to Link Type options and on the Link CSS Style field  type in the class linkIs + Sociallink


For a menu item linking to a facebook account you should add the class linkIsFacebook (look at the visual walkthrough of each template), for a link to a Twitter profile the class should be linkIsTwitter.
Please Note that the name of the social media network should always be capitalized.

The templates cover the majority of big networks such as linkedin, google+, flickr, youtube, etc. You may also use the linkIsRss and linkIsMail classes.