Manually install the Quickstart package

Follow the steps below in order to install the Quickstart package manually.

  1. Extract the .zip file to your server. If you have used the kickstart.php file erase it.
  2. Check in the extracted files if the configuration.php is included. If it does, follow the procedure below. If it doesn't, this means that you have a newer Quickstart package and you will have to download the file located under Downloads in this document. Once you download the file, extract it also in the root of your site and then proceed with the steps below.
  3. Setting up the database
    • In folder installation/sql there are the database files of the Quickstart package. You will have to rename the ones with names joomla.s01, joomla.s02, etc. as joomla01.sql, joomla02.sql and so on. The files joomla.s0x could be more than one depending on the package.
    • Download the files joomla.sql and the ones you renamed (joomla01.sql, joomla02.sql, etc.) locally.
    • Open phpMyAdmin and select the database in which you will import the data.
    • Import all .sql files.
    • You will notice that the tables have #__ as prefix. Select them all and from the "With selected:" filter choose "Replace table prefix. Enter the #__ as the one in use now and the new prefix of your choice, i.e. vtwiq_, as the new one and click on Submit.
    • You will also have to change the admin password in order to have access to the site's backend. Locate _users table and Edit the Administrator user. Erase the password field and put your own. Before Saving, choose through the Function select the "MD5" option.
    • Save and finished.
  4. Setting up the configuration
    • Open the configuration.php file located in the root.
    • Enter the correct database credentials, $user, $password, $db, $dbprefix.
    • Change the $log_path and $tmp_path to correspond to your own.
  5. Remove the installation folder.
  6. Visit your site and access the backend.