Adding custom CSS/JS code

At this point you will have probably noticed that we use only two CSS files (or three depending on the template), one for K2 (k2.css), another one (template.css) for everything else and in some cases the colorvariations.css file.

We also use one javascript file, the behaviour.js.

But what happens when you want to make minor changes but still want to keep getting updates without breaking something?
The answer is very, very simple. In all of our templates you will find a file called custom.css under the css folder and a custom.js file under the js folder.

These files are by default empty and render after the template's stylesheets and javascript files. All you have to do is edit those file and add your custom code.
When you upgrade the template (using the upgrade package) you will notice that your custom styles have remained intact while getting the newest version of the template.