Setting up the Joomla Content

All templates also support the default Joomla content management system. Here are some basic quidelines of how to set it up correctly. For more details on each template's specific setup, please advise its documentation, visual walkthrough and the demo site or quickstart package.

  1. Setting up General parameters. Start by going to Content → Article Manager. Click on the Options button, on the top right corner, to set up the Content general parameters. One parameter you should also Enable (not required) is the 'Frontend Images and Links' on Editing Layout tab. This option provides a flexibility in the article image which could either be the same for the introtext used on lists and the fulltext on the article page or different and is required if you are using the nuContent Plugin.
  2. Adding Content. After setting up the general options, create the Category tree and add articles. In each article you can add meta-keywords and use them as tags either on your lists or your article pages, as well as the Article Image through the 'Images and Links' Slide located on the right of the Editor.*
  3. Setting up the Menu items. Unlike K2 menu items where all parameters are primarily located in the Category itself and secondarily to the menu item, the content menu items have all set of parameters for the final result page in the actual menu item. Set the menu item parameters according to each view you select. The available content menu items are: Article, Category Blog, Category List, Archived List, Featured List, List of Categories. The home page item is by default the Featured list, but you can choose to change that through the menu parameters.

Note *: For Joomla 3.1, you can either use the meta-keywords as tags which are rendered through the nuContent Plugin or you can use the Tags field and have the default Joomla functionality.

Please note that all the above steps should NOT be followed if the Quickstart package is used. All setup has already been made according to each template and should work as a guide for your own customization.