Setting up you own favicon and App icons

  1. The favicon is located in the root of each template folder, i.e. templates/nuFashion/favicon.ico. Just replace the the existing favicon with your own. You can generate it through various applications or online tools, such as The favicon size should be 16x16.
  2. Since version 1.0.1 of our templates, the App icons setup is located in the Template Parameters under Branding of the Standard tab. You can select or upload your App icons through the corresponding field for each of the following sizes. The images have to be in a .png format and not precomposed.
    • 57x57 - for iPhone and iPod touch
    • 72x72 - for iPad
    • 114x114 - for high-resolution iPhone and iPod touch
    • 144x144 - for high-resolution iPad

    An online app icon generator you could use is For more information on iOS icons take a look here.