Changing the logo and tagline

To change the logo and tagline you need to follow the steps below.

  1. On the backend of your site, go to Extensions → Template Manager. Locate the template and open it.
  2. Under the Standard tab there is the Branding section. There are three options for the Logo. You can either use it as text or as an image and add an alternative text when using the logo as image.
    • If you choose to use it as text, just use the 'Text as logo' field and type in. The logo will appear with the Google Font we have pre-selected on each template.
    • If you choose to use it as an image, you can use the 'Logo image' field, upload it in the images folder and select it. The image field overrides the Text field even if it is filled in.
    • On the 'Alternative text used for the logo image' field just put on the alternative text you want for the logo.
  3. To change the Tagline, just type the prefered text in the 'Your site's tagline' field. On each template's demo you can see which is the predefined position for the Tagline. If you don't want to use it at all, just leave the option blank.