Setting up the K2 modules

K2 component has its own set of modules you can use to filter your data in specific positions. These positions differ between each template and you can see them either through the demo site of each one or under each template's documentation visual walkthrough.

The available K2 modules are: K2 Content, K2 Tools, K2 Comments, K2 User and K2 Users. Below there is a brief reference to each one, in order to familiarize easily and decide which one meets your needs.

  • The K2 Content module, allows a specific number of items filtered by category or specific items, to show with a specified ordering. Some of the available options for the items shown are: Title, Image, Author with author avatar and author description, Introtext with the option of limiting the text, Tags, Category, Created Date, Read...More, Extra fields, Comment counter.
  • The K2 Tools module is a multi-functional module that comes with the following view options: Archive, Authors List, Blog Style Calendar, Breadcrumbs, Categories List (Menu), Category Select Box, Search Box, Tag Cloud, Custom Code. Each one of these view options is accompanied by a set of options which need to be taken into account in order to reach the desired outcome.
  • The K2 Comments module is used to show the Latest Comments or Top Commenters. This module, like the K2 Tools module, has options according to the chosen view.
  • The K2 User module is the equivalent of the Joomla Login module. Besides post-text, pre-text, login and logout redirections, greeting and name/username display, K2 User module also provides a text for the Greeting message, instead of a default message pre-defined, a user avatar and the option to render a Menu for the logged in users.
  • The K2 Users module shows all or specific number of users/authors with their details (name, avatar, e-mail) and a number of the items they have written.

On each template we have used the ones we think are appropriate per theme, but you can select which ones you prefer according to your needs. All position names are specified through the template's name_position on the site, i.e. nuMovies_sidebar, for better reference when multiple templates are installed in your system.

Note *: All K2 modules used on each template have specific setup. You should advise either the Visual Walkthrough or the Quickstart Package in order to achieve the result shown on each one.